How does Santa Claus get into homes without a chimney? We all know how he uses his Christmas magic to sneak inside houses with chimneys, but what about all the apartments, condos, mobile homes and houses without one? He does the same thing the rest of us do – he uses a key. But it’s a magic Santa key! (Of course.)

You couldn’t leave just any old key under your doormat on Christmas Eve. That would be an invitation for burglars. But if you leave a magic key outside, Santa uses his Christmas magic to make it open the door. Then he can go inside and leave gifts.

If you don’t have have a Santa key yet, Amazon offers a variety of keys like the ones shown below. You can also get Santa keys at some sites offering Santa letters, such as Santa’s Official North Pole Mail.

bSilver Pewter Santa Key with Ribbon/bSilver Pewter Santa Key with RibbonCHECK PRICE

bGift-Boxed Santa Key with Letter to Santa /bGift-Boxed Santa Key with Letter to Santa CHECK PRICE

bSanta Claus Key Ornament with Poem/bSanta Claus Key Ornament with PoemCHECK PRICE

bPersonalized Magic Santa Key with Ribbon/bPersonalized Magic Santa Key with RibbonCHECK PRICE

bSanta's Magic Key with Box/bSanta’s Magic Key with BoxCHECK PRICE

bLongaberger Pewter Key for Santa Claus/bLongaberger Pewter Key for Santa ClausCHECK PRICE

Reprinted with permission from Magic Santa Key on Squidoo