Many people hang tinsel on their Christmas tree every year. But did you ever wonder how the tradition began? There’s a German legend that says it started with a few simple spiders.

According to the legend, there once was a family of spiders that lived in a house. The family that lived there was cleaning the house from top to bottom for Christmas. Well, they did such a good job that they removed all the cobwebs, and the spiders had to hide in the attic where they wouldn’t be bothered. Later that night the spiders all crept out of the attic. Downstairs, they were amazed to see a beautiful green tree in the middle of the room. They were so excited, they jumped into the tree and ran all over it, jumping from branch to branch, and leaving trails of cobwebs behind them.

When Santa arrived, he found the tree covered in cobwebs. He knew how hard the family had worked to clean the house and how disappointed they would be to find their tree covered in cobwebs. But he also knew how hard the spiders had worked to spin their webs and how excited they were to see the tree. He didn’t want to disappoint either of them. So he turned all the cobwebs into shimmering strands of silver and gold.

From that day on, people started decorating their trees with tinsel in celebration of the miracle that occurred on that Christmas Eve.