easy saltine cracker toffee for christmasChoosing gifts for friends and acquaintances you don’t know particularly well can be challenging, and fitting more gifts into an already-tight Christmas budget can make the process even more challenging. So how can you include these people on your gift list? Christmas gift cookies or other homemade gifts are a great solution. They’re inexpensive, yet personal. And almost everyone loves receiving homemade gifts because they show the thought and care that was put into creating the gifts.

Cookies are the most obvious homemade gift. After all, who doesn’t like cookies? Even Santa Claus enjoys it when kids leave cookies out for him on Christmas Eve! Cookies also give you a wide choice of options. You can make traditional cookies such as decorated sugar cookies or gingerbread men, or you could branch out and find Christmas cookie recipes from around the world. Or for an easy Christmas candy, try making a super simple saltine cracker toffee. If you want to find new recipes, try a site such as Allrecipes.com/

You can bake any of these Christmas treats ahead of time and either stick with one gift for person or mix and match them so your recipients get a wonderful selection of goodies. When you’re ready, use a colorful holiday basket, tin, mug, bag or cookie tray to present your gift. Check your local dollar store for inexpensive boxes, mugs, bags, or other packaging ideas.

Giving homemade cookies or treats is a great way to brighten anyone’s holiday, and is far less expensive and more personal than many other items you could buy. So this Christmas, look in your kitchen rather than the mall for the best gifts!