Yes, Virginia, there really is a North Pole. And if Santa Claus is sending a letter to your child this year, you’ll want to be sure your envelope has one of these special marks. During the holidays, you can get a free postmark from North Pole, Alaska simply by sending your mail there and requesting the special pictorial postmark.

Many people think you need to pay a Santa letter service for this special touch, but it’s easy to do yourself. You can save money by using a Santa letter template to create your own printable Santa letter at home and then sending it to Alaska for the North Pole postmark. All you’ll need to pay is the cost of postage to and from the North Pole.

north pole postmarkThe official North Pole postmark from North Pole, AK is available every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas. There’s no additional fee for the postmark. You just need to be sure to put enough postage on your letter to get it to Alaska and back. And the service isn’t just for Santa letters – you can send any of your holiday cards and family Christmas letters here for a special touch of Christmas magic, too.

If you’d like to add a North Pole postmark to your child’s Santa letter, the process is simple. First you’ll need create your letter from Santa Claus. There are plenty of places to get great looking printable Santa letters online. Once you’ve got your letter, seal it in an envelope addressed to your child and affix regular first-class postage. Then place THAT envelope in a larger one and send it to this address:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-99998

The postal elves at the North Pole will open the outer envelope, stamp the inner envelope with the special North Pole, AK postmark, and send it through the regular mail service to the address on the inner envelope.

If you want to be sure not to disappoint your child, be sure to get your Santa letter in the mail by the end of the first week in December. That should ensure arrival in Anchorage no later than December 15. Letters that are received by this date should make it back to their final destination by Christmas with regular first-class postage. If you can’t get your letter to the North Pole by December 15, you’ll need to use Priority Mail on the inner envelope to make sure Santa’s letter doesn’t arrive after the holidays.