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Posts Tagged ‘ funny christmas ’

Grumpy Cat Celebrates Christmas

If you aren’t familiar with Grumpy Cat, you obviously don’t spend enough time online. The kitty with the famous frown has become an Internet sensation due to her permanently pouty face. So for all the Grumpy Cat fans, here’s a short video showing the frowning feline and her brother in their Christmas hats.
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Santa’s Stuck Up In the Chimney Video and Lyrics

Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney is a funny Christmas song by Paul Evans. Take a look at the video and see the lyrics below. Here are the lyrics to “Santa’s Stuck Up in the Chimney” so everyone can sing along. Santa’s Stuck Up In The Chimney” Lyrics It was the night before Christmas...
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How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas Video

Do your pets celebrate the holidays with you? Many people buy gifts and stockings for their cats and dogs, but the cat in this video has another way to participate in the festivities. He just lies down patiently while his owner wraps him in holiday gift wrap. Take a look to see why more...
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Capture Santa in your home